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Updated 11/25/16


8:00 PM   Thursday Night Meet Up
Join us for drinks, old friends, new friends for an early bird get together. You never know who you’ll run into.
The Rosen Centre – Sam & Bubbe’s Lobby Bar & Lounge


2:00 – 5:00 PM
Merry Misfits & Monsters March – Join Spooky Empire along with Santa Otis & his Merry Rejects for our "Merry Misfits and Monsters March"! March kicks off at BB KIngs Orlando at The Pointe Orlando. Join us for drinks, food and some merry mayhem between 2pm-4pm. The march will begin at 4pm and make its way over to the Convention Center. It's time to break out your ugly sweaters, evil elf and Santa costumes! Rumor has it Krampus will be paying all of you bad children a visit as well! It's fun for the whole family!
B.B Kings Blues at the Pointe on Int’l Drive

6:00 PM   Film Festival – Opening Ceremony with Wolf’s Museum of Mystery
Live Character Performance(60 mins)
Film Screening (9 mins)
Q&A with Special Guests (30 mins)
Room 330

7:00 PM   Ric Flair
Q&A with Wrestling Superstar, the Nature Boy himself…Wooooo
Room W331

7:00 PM   FBI Most Wanted
Our Google search history definitely has our authors on several Watch Lists. Authors discuss research and the joys
of clearing your browser history
Room W231-C

8:00 PM   Film Festival – “British Invasion” Short Film Block
Rats (15 mins)
Gene (10 mins)
The Night Whispered (8 mins)
The Birch (5 mins)
Silently Within Your Shadow (14 mins)
Dawn of the Dead (12 mins)
Room W330

8:00 PM   After Hours Party- Drinks, DJ’s and more!
West Lobby E/F

8:00 PM   Monster Survival
From zombies to werewolves to big, ass, spiders, we talk about how to survive the monsters and make it to the end of the story.
Room 231-C

8:00 PM   Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Q&A with the stars Bill Moseley and Caroline WIlliams
Room W331

9:00 PM   Sick and Twisted
This panel is 21 and up due to disturbing behavior, offensive ideas, drunken authors, and likely a piñata. No filters allowed. If you’re not offended, you’re in the wrong panel.
Room 231-C                        

9:30 PM   Film Festival
“The Unkindness of Ravens” (1hr, 30 mins)
Room W330             

10:30 PM   Tattoo of the Day Awards
Tattoo of the Day - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place.
Registration takes place all weekend at the Tattoo Festival
West Hall F

9:00 PM   Movie “Gremlins”
Room W331

11:00 PM   Film Festival – “Haunted and Hunted” Short Film Block
Monsters (12 mins)
Hada (9 mins)
The Prey (8 mins)
Knock! Knock! (8 mins)
Innsmouth (11 mins)
The Home (5 mins)
Madre de Dios (6 mins)
Room W330

11:00 PM   Movie
Room W331

12:15 AM   Film Festival
“We Are The Flesh” (1hr, 20 mins)
Room W330


12:00 PM   Butch Patrick
Q&A with Butch Patrick, best known for his role as “Eddie” in the hit TV series “The Munsters”.
Be sure to check out The Munsters Museum while you’re here!
Room W331

12:00 PM   Film Festival – “Horrors of the Mind” Short Film Block
Mayday (12 mins)
Nightfall (9 mins)
Remnant (14 mins)
Small Displays of Chaos (4 mins)
Mindless (7 mins)
Pigskin (13 mins)
Room W330     

12:00 PM   Author's Network
Come sit and chat with our authors in an informal setting. Get to know what makes these weirdos tick.
Room 231-C

1:00 PM   Kane Hodder
Q&A with Kane Hodder best known for portraying one of the most iconic monsters, “Jason Voorhees” in “Friday the 13th : Part 7”, “Friday the 13th: Part 8”, “Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday” and “Jason X”. Other films include “2001 Maniacs”, “The Devils Rejects” the “Hatchet” series of films as “Victor Crowley” and many more.
Room W331

1:00 PM   Live Performance
“Fretless Rock” Violinist
West Lobby Stage     

1:00 PM   Writing and Publishing 101
We discuss how to navigate the world of writing and getting published.
Room 231-C                       

2:00 PM   Stranger Things
Panel with the cast of the Netflix hit series Stranger Things
Room W331

2:00 PM   Women in Horror
Our authors discuss women in horror, both writers and characters. How do women shape the world of darkness
Room 231-C

3:00 PM   Kids Costume Contest
Registration in Kids Zone/West Lobby
West Lobby Stage  
3:00 PM   Multimedia Horrors
Writing for gaming, stage, radio and just about any medium you can shake your pen at.
Room 231-C

4:00 PM   Film Festival – “Spooky Slashers” Short Film Block
The Brentwood Strangler (18 mins)
Guest Room (1 min)
No Touching (12 mins)
The Puppet Man (9 mins)
Killer on the Loose (13 mins)
The Stylist (15 mins)
Room W330                            

4:00 PM   Kerry King
Q&A with Kerry King, guitarist and co-founder of the legendary thrash metal band Slayer. King has also played with Megadeth, Pantera, and many others.
Room W331    

4:00 PM   Stranger Things – Literary Panel
We discuss how this Netflix show took the world by storm. What drew us in to the nostalgic energy of this show and why did it speak to so many viewers? Consider this your spoiler alert.
Room 231-C                        

5:00 PM   Live Performance
“Bloody Jug Band”
West Lobby Stage

5:30 PM   Film Festival
“Sam and Mattie Make a Zombie Movie” (45 mins)
Room W330                              

5:00 PM   Amanda Wyss
Q&A with the star of films including “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (Tina), “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (Lisa), “Better Off Dead” (Beth) and many more.
Room W331

5:00 PM   The Human Terror
We spend a lot of time making up horrific monsters, but humans can be more frightening than our imaginations.
Room 231-C

6:00 PM   Tattoo Awards Judging
Tattoo Categories - S, M & L Color, S, M & L Black and Grey, Original Art, Cover Up, Realism, Traditional, Horror
Registration takes place all weekend at the Tattoo Festival
West Hall F

6:00 PM   David Ellefson
Q&A with David Ellefson, bassist and co-founder of thrash metal band Megadeth. Ellefson has also been a member of other bands including Soulfly, Killing Machine, Metal Allegiance and more.
Room W331

6:00 PM   Four Stories to Curdle the Blood
Four of our authors tell stories to chill you to the bone. Join Owl Goingback, Eric Gamache, Tyson Hanks, and Jay Smith as they take part in the old tradition of storytelling.
Room 231-C

6:30 PM   Film Festival – Directors Party
Room W330

7:00 PM   Film Festival–“Psychedelic Panic” Short Film Block
When Susurrus Stirs (9 mins)
Out of the Mold (12 mins)
Carnal Orient (8 mins)
Curve (10 mins)
Nasty (15 mins)
Room W330

7:00 PM   A Trip to the Dark Alley
We let The Dark Alley Crew take over the author track. Surely someone was bribed….
Room 231-C

8:00 PM   Sympathy for the Devil

We love to root for the bad guy and we love good guys with problems. We discuss why audiences adore scoundrels.
Room 231-C

9:00 PM   Film Festival
“Knucklebones” 1 hr, 30 mins)
Room W330

10:30 PM   Tattoo of the Day Awards
Tattoo of the Day - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Place.
Registration takes place all weekend at the Tattoo Festival
West Hall F

11:00 PM   Film Festival – “Killer Comedies” Short Film Block
How to Be A Villain (16 mins)
Pillow Fright (5 mins)
Strangers in the Night (12 mins)
Death Metal (4 mins)
Friday the 14th (6 mins)
Gwilliam (6 mins)
Room W330                            

11:00 PM   Repo: The Genetic Opera Shadowcast
Performed by Florida's Shadowcast Allstars
Room W331

12:00 AM   Film Festival“Frankenstein Created Bikers” (2 hrs, 5 mins)
Room W330

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4th                             

12:00 PM   "Weird Al" Yankovic
Q&A with the singer, songwriter, parodist, actor, voice actor and more!
Room W331                             

12:00 PM   Costume Contest Pre-Judging
This mandatory pre-judging session is for entrants who have handmade their costumes & wish to compete in the Craftmanship Category of the Contest. Entrants in the Exhibition Category do not need to attend this session. You will have up to 3 minutes to describe how your costume was made in addition to showing the judges reference pictures & progress of your costume.
Room TBD        

12:00 PM   BOO!
Paranormal horror and the ghosts who wreck our lives.
Room 231-C

1:00 PM   Millie Bobby Brown
Q&A with the breakout star of the "strangely" popular Netflix series "Stranger Things" as well as "Once Upon A Time In Wonderland" (Alice) and "Intruders" (Madison).
Room W331

1:00 PM   Film Festival
“The Creature Below” (1 hr, 23 mins)
Room W330

1:00 PM   Religion in Horror
How do various religions, zealotry, and taboo affect our view of fear? Authors discuss how dogma infuses horror.
Room 231-C

2:00 PMIntergalactic Horror
Room 231-C

3:00 PM   Film Festival
“The Barn” (1 hr, 36 mins)
Room W330

4:00 PM   Costume Contest
Registration takes place all weekend in the convention foyer. Over $1,000 in cash and prizes.
Room W331

4:45 PM   Film Festival – Closing Awards Ceremony with Special Guests
Room W330

5:00 PM   Tattoo of the Day Awards
Tattoo of the Day 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
Registration takes place all weekend at the Tattoo Festival
West Hall F