The convention scene is changing, it's a whole new world and competition is high

The convention world is changing and it's a whole new ballgame not only for attendees but for us promoters as well. With new conventions popping up every weekend, and the use of the term "comic con" being thrown around so loosely, even special interest conventions such as Spooky Empire are feeling the pressure. These days if you don't have deep pockets and aren't willing to take risks you're convention could feel the effects. Booking big names is the only way to stay relevant, and it's a cutthroat game right now. Everyone is on the hunt for the next big name, and everyone wants it first. It's become a bidding war for celebrity guests, in order to win over the attendees. 

Silicon Valley Comic Con was this past weekend, now headed by Apple's own Steve Wozniak and it drew a minimum of 25,000 attendees on it's opening day. According to the article we found today, 25-75k attendees is now considered a mid-level event, when only a couple of years ago that would be top level. Your DragonCons and MegaCons are now considered mid-level! 

Competition just got a little stronger! Let us know your thoughts! Have any questions, feel free to ask us.