Alas... the haunting has begun!!  Haunted attractions are opening their doors all over the world.  Although Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most publicized haunts in the nation, there are several other amazing haunts worth mentioning. 

Fan favorite, Netherworld, in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the busiest haunted attractions around.  Operating from September 23rd to November 5th, with event ticket prices ranging from $23-$35.  This year's Netherworld haunts include: Monsters and Vault 13: Meltdown.  It has even been nominated as one of the Top Haunts in the Country by USA Today's 10best!

Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare, in Villa Park, IL, is another great haunt.  Housing three attractions based on Rob Zombie's films, as well as carnival rides!  Attractions include: Captain Spaulding’s Clown School in 3D, The Devil’s Rejects and 31.  Operating dates are September 25 to November 1st and prices range from $25-$70.

Mckamey Manor is by far the closet you can get to feeling like you are the star of a horror movie. A waiver is presented for guests willing to go through this 8 hour experience.  Since actors are given the freedom to touch and "torture" guests, anything is possible.  Each guest is also filmed the whole time.  If you enter this attraction with a partner, chances are you will be separated from them.  Talk about scary!!  This year there are three locations, New Jersey, England and their main location in San Diego.  Operating schedule and pricing are given privately through email or by phone.  However, with an extensive wait list of over 17,000 people, you might want to just visit Mckamey Manor on Youtube for now.

Last but not least is a local Orlando haunt, The Shallow Grave!  With over a 1/4 mile of scares and screams, The Shallow Grave has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Like, Netherworld, it has also been nominated as one of the Top Haunts in the Country by USA Today's 10best!  Operating from September 25th to November 5th, with a ticket price of $24.99 and a Quick Death Pass price of $39.99.  Haunts this year include: Vengeance: Blood Moon and Pavor Norturnus.  With their elaborate sets and top notch scares, The Shallow Grave is a force to be reckoned with and a definite must see in Orlando this fall!